Literacy Centers and Journaling

The literacy centers in Room 104 consist of: listen to reading, writing, computer, word work, read to self, read to someone, and teacher time.

We do many different things at Teacher Time center. One day a week the groups work on phonics and sight words with me. That day they also take a picture walk through their weekly story. We work on the weekly story for two days (reading, fluency, comprehension, story structure, story elements) and on the last day we work on phonemic awareness, more phonics, and/or parts of a sentence/sentence structure.

Let me know if you would like to volunteer for our literacy centers (every morning). Volunteers can help with a specific center or read with students. It is a lot of fun and a great way to help the students with the fundamentals.

Journaling: When journaling, writing, and writing at home it is very important that students spell words how they hear the sounds. Encourage your child to chop out the word and write down the sounds they hear. This is developmental and helps me to know that students can identify sounds and match them to letters.

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