Students will receive homework every week. The homework packet is sent home on Monday and is always due on Friday unless otherwise stated.

Each week, the homework consists (mostly) of:

  • Sight Word work
  • Math
  • Handwriting
  • Reading Response/Writing

Each sight word page consists of some writing using the sight word. It is very important that the students create their own sentences and spell the words (except sight words – which should be spelled correctly) phonetically. In Room 104, I encourage students to chop (stretch) out words when writing. Students say the words to themselves, then the individual sounds while making a chopping motion (left to right)  for each sound. Studies show that when students make a physical movement it helps them to connect more and remember. Students do not learn how to spell when constantly told how to spell a word. They will also expect words to be spelled for them and may not make the effort on their own. It is important for the students to come up with their own sentences on the homework and in class. Encourage your child to chop out words when writing. Chop out the words with them or start them off. Since spelling in the English language is not consistent, students may spell “of” as “uv.” However, when they do that I know they are making connections to the sounds. It is very important that students create their own sentences and chop out words to help with spelling.

Here are some examples:

2 sounds

at (ă–t)
up (ŭ–p)
it (ĭ–t)
off (ŏ–f)

3 sounds

map (m–ă–p)
night (n–ī–t)
van (v–ă–n)

4 sounds

mint (m–ĭ–n–t)
club (k–l–ŭ–b)
speak (s–p–ē–k)
groan (g–r–ō–n)

5 sounds

stroke (s–t–r–ō–k)
stream (s–t–r–ē–m)
frost (f–r–ŏ–s–t)
plant (p–l–ă–n–t)

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