Archive for July 2015

Large Markers:  1 pack

Crayons:  8 packs

Jumbo Glue Sticks: 10 – 20 Glue Sticks

Pencils: 2 packs of 12 (Preferably Ticonderoga)

Big Erasers: 4

Expo Large Markers: 4

Paper Towels: 4 rolls

Kleenex: 2 boxes

Ziploc Gallon Bags (Last Name A-M): 1 package

Ziploc Sandwich Bags (Last Name N-Z): 1 package

Hand Sanitizer: 2

Disinfecting Wipes: 4

Watercolor Paint Pack

Folder: 1


Supplies are communal (do not label)

Please label backpack and folder


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