Transition to First Grade

Friday, June 12, 2015

Room 104 Families,

As the school year winds down you may find your child talking more and more about first grade. Many of the students are very excited to be moving on to first grade and some are more hesitant. Both are completely normal. Students may be nervous about getting grades, new kids in the class, and a new teacher. And others are extremely excited about those things and more. We spend a lot of time in the last quarter of being in Room 104 talking about first grade. While it is a transition, it is an exciting one. We talk about how exciting it will be to have a new teacher, make new friends, go on different field trips, learn new things, and all the fun experiences they will have in first grade. I encourage you to do the same; talk about how things will be new but exciting.

As a kindergarten teacher, my job is to prepare the students for first grade in many ways. At this point in the year we talk about how they may like their first grade teacher better than me, learn more from one of those wonderful teachers and how that is a good thing. We talk about how after being in first grade they would never even think of wanting to be back in kindergarten. I had a student last year that was hesitant to move to first grade, but on the second day of being in first grade she saw me in the hallway and with a huge smile told me I was right, that first grade was the best and she loved it.

I can’t wait to see the kids walking around as first graders!