Newsletter for the Week of Feb. 23

Friday, February 20, 2015

Room 104 Families,


Sight Words: six, because, will (same as last week)

    We will use and write them in sentences. We will also sing our sight word songs.

Previous Sight Words: I, am, like, we, see, the, can, and, be, big, little, on, it, to, a, is, look, at, my, here, yes, no, day, come, run, have, go, me, you, said, in, are, zero, do, that, one, up, down, two, he, she, three, four, with, play, five, love, by


Letter of the Week: Qq (same as last week)

Please have your child cut out images from the newspaper or magazines that begin with our letter of the week so we can make a letter collage book. Students may bring in the images any day throughout the week.

Previous Letters: Mm, Aa, Ff, Cc, Pp, Bb, Hh, Ll, Tt, Gg, Ii, Ss, Zz, Dd, Ww, Rr, Jj, Oo


Morning Meeting:

  • Greeting – Brown Bear Greeting
  • Activity – Teddy Bear Poem
  • Sharing – Students will share their favorite animal and why

Literacy/Literacy Centers:

  • Centers
    • Word Work – Rainbow Words, /a/ word families, secret sentence, rhyming houses
    • Writing – Students will write a letter, stamp stories
    • Read to Self and Read to Someone – focus on identifying sight words
    • Computer – Starfall
    • Listening- Students will listen to The Biggest, Best Snowman then draw a picture of their favorite part
    • Teacher Time – Practice Sight Words and Letter, weekly story, syllables
    • Read with our Third Grade Buddies
  • Our focus comprehension skill this week will be story elements
  • Last Sound Sort
  • Sight word songs
  • Read fiction books about bears
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Sing Who Let the Letters Out? We sing the song out of order and while doing that I try to spell as many sight words as possible that the students identify after the song. There is a link to it on the Things to be Working on at Home page on the blog.


  • All of our writing will have to do directly with our theme

Theme (Science/Social Studies): Bears

  • Read about brown bears, make an anchor chart, make a brown bear, write about brown bears
  • Read about polar bears, make an anchor chart, make a brown bear, write about polar bears
  • Read about pandas, make an anchor chart, complete a chart with what pandas can, have, and are
  • Complete and venn diagram for polar bears and pandas
  • Each student will explore the teddy bear they have brought in through various activities
    • Friday – each student is to bring in their favorite teddy bear and can dress in their PJs!


  • Math Survey
  • Math Journals
  • ST Math
  • Math Centers
  • Attribute Spinner Game
  • Introduction to the Number Grid
  • Number Grid Search Game
  • Bear Measuring
  • Favorite Bear Graph
  • Gummy Bear sorting, tallying, counting, and graphing


  • Wish List – gummy bears, teddy grahams



  • There will be no new homework this week. Many students have already turned in the homework from last week; which is fine. If you did not get a chance to complete it, it can be turned in anytime through the 27th.
  • If the homework has already been turned in and you are looking for things to do:
    • Play sight word bingo
    • Practice writing the sight  words in sentences
    • Look for the sight words in books, magazines, and online
    • Review all sight words and letters
    • ABCMouse and JiJi (ST Math)
    • As always – read at least 20 minutes a night!

Things to Know:

  • Please check regularly and use the Things To Be Working On At Home link on the blog.
  • Wish List: gummy bears, teddy grahams
  • Library books are due every Friday.
  • Scholastic Book orders have been placed and should be arriving shortly. A new books order will be sent home soon.
  • With the cold weather upon us it is very important that your child can independently dress themselves in their winter gear. Please also label all winter gear in case it gets lost.
  • Continue to work on ST Math (JiJi) and ABCMouse at home.
  • Each student has their own Bob Book ( in their read to self bags. Students are able to practice their books during centers (usually with the third grade buddies) and read them correctly to me to pass on to the next book. These are great books! Please refer to the link with any questions.


  • I have a new DonorsChoose project up. Tell your friends and families! Check it out –


  • Consider collecting Box Tops. They are on many of the everyday items that you buy. Turn them into me or by the security desk on the first floor. Each Box Top earns money for the school.

Ms. Maltz