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Dear Parents,

100th Day is Wednesday, February 18th….next Wednesday! The kids are really excited about the 100th Day of school. The day will be packed full of fun 100th Day projects. We need your help!

**Every student needs to count out 100 snack items and bring them in a big plastic bag on the 100th Day of school. Here are a few ideas for 100 snacks: chocolate chips, goldfish, gummy bears, cheese balls, cheese its, cheerios, fruit loops, gummy worms, etc. Please do not include 100 pieces of wrapped candy. We will make a special 100th Day snack with all the items and share them with everyone. PLEASE make sure your child’s hands are CLEAN when counting out the 100 food items.

**Decorate a 100th Day shirt with your child. Draw, paint, puff paint, stamp, or glue 100 items onto a white shirt and they will wear the shirt to school on the 100thDay. Trust us, students will LOVE this shirt and never want to take it off! Here are a few ideas: googly eyes, beads, ribbons, stickers, paint, stars, etc.

**We need volunteers from 9:15 am- 11:15 am. We will be doing some great centers and we need your help. If you can volunteer please sign the form below and send it back to school with your child. Each class needs at least 4 volunteers.


Send me an email if you would like to volunteer –


100 thanks,

The Kindergarten Team