Gingerbread Adventures!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

All last week we read different versions of The Gingerbread Man and did many related activities. On Monday, a gingerbread man decided to come visit us and stay for a while. He mostly stayed on the board by the carpet and watched us do lots of learning.


On Friday, we found him reading The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School at our listening center.



However, when the students came back from library class they noticed he was no longer there and left a note in the book stating that he went to look for us.



From there our gingerbread man took us on a hunt throughout the school. Being the good detectives that we are we realized the clue he left in the book meant that he went to look for us in the gym. He was gone by the time we got there but he left another clue that led us to the art room. Once we got to the art room we found a clue telling us he went to look for us in the main office. Once we got there one of our clerks read a note he left with her saying he went back to the classroom. It took us a while but we finally found him among all the gingerbread books, just reading along! The students were very happy to get him back and were very impressed with his writing skills on all the clues. He learned a lot from watching us all week.


On Friday, we also started a gingerbread cookie science experiment. We wanted to see what would happen to the cookie if we placed it in water for an extended period of time. Before we did that we had to make our predictions.


The students had so many good thoughts! We placed the cookie in the water and set it aside all day. Students were able to observe it throughout the day and noticed the cookie moving around the pitcher, frosting starting to come off, and crumbs starting to gather on the bottom. When we looked at the end of the day we realized that the cookie would need to spend more time in the water and we will be closely observing it more when we get back from our field trip Monday.

Just after he was placed in the water.

Just after he was placed in the water.

After he had been in the water all day.

After it had been in the water all day.

Our predictions and observations.

Our predictions and observations.