Spaghetti and Meatball Spaces

Monday, October 27, 2014



During writing today we talked about spaces between our letters and words. Spaces between our words are “meatball spaces” because there should be enough room for a meatball (two fingers). Spaces between our letters are “spaghetti spaces” because one piece of spaghetti should fit between them; letters should not touch. We created examples of sentences that have spaghetti and meatball spaces and ones that don’t. This was a really fun lesson for the kids. Above you will see our anchor chart (because it anchors our learning!). It is now up in the room for the students to reference. We have many anchor charts up and others that will go up as we learn new concepts. I will start posting these charts so that you know what your child is referring to when they say “wow picture” or “ten frame” for example. Posting the anchor charts is a great way for us to have a common language between home and school.