Archive for October 29th 2014

Since they were already up on the walls, the pictures are not the best.


This one helps us to know which end mark to use. We have talked a lot about end marks already this year and practice saying sentences with different end marks. We have also talked about how a period is a grain of sand (just a dot), not a beach ball.


You may have heard your child talking about WOW pictures since the beginning of the year. The reason for WOW pictures is that beginning writers can draw more and with more detail than they can write. Once they begin to write, a more detailed pictures helps them to write more. WOW pictures also include labels (anchor chart to be posted at a later date).


The writing process.


Text and Graphic Features in non fiction texts. We will be learning more about this next week.


Have learned tens frames really helps us with our teen numbers.

We will be learning all about leaves next week. Between now and next Thursday it would be very helpful if you could send in some leaves. Just pick some up on the walk home or when outside and send them in a plastic bag to school. Try to get as many kinds of leaves as possible! Thanks.