Newsletter for the Week of September 22

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Room 104 Families,


Sight Words: we, see

We will use and write them in sentences. We will also start our sight word songs.

Previous Sight Words: I, am, like


Letter of the Week: Aa

Please have your child cut out images from the newspaper or magazines that nbegin with our letter of the week so we can make a letter collage book. Students may bring in the images any day throughout the week.

Previous Letters: Mm


Morning Meeting:

  • Greeting – Students will greet the person next to them by saying, “Good Morning, (name).”
  • Activity – Apple Song (to the tune of Bingo)
    • There is a fruit that grows on trees and apple is its name, oh!

A-P-P-L-E, A-P-P-L-E, A-P-P-L-E

And Apple is its name, oh!

  • Sharing – Students will be sharing a photo of someone special to them. Please check the sharing schedule as to when your child should bring in their photo.
    • Practice with your child what they will say – who the person is, why they are special

Literacy/Literacy Centers:

  • We have reached our 15 goal in Read to Self! We continue to do this center everyday.
  • We are so close of reaching our 15 minute goal in Read to Someone, we are at 12 minutes. The students are particularly good at this center, it is so great watching two or three students interacting with the same text.
  • We will learn to rotate between our centers, just Read to Self and Read to Someone this week.
  • Our third center, Word Work, will be introduced. Students will learn two Word Work activities – Rainbow Words and Read Around the Room.
  • Complete the predictable sentence, “We see a _______ (red, yellow, green) apple.” Each week with our predictable sentences we make a class book that stays in our Book Center. Students may put the books in their Read to Self bags to read and/or read them when doing Read to Someone.
  • Word Sort.
  • Identify words that begin with the letter a, and practice writing the letter.
  • Read It Begins With An A, then make our own version of the story.
  • List words that begin with the letter Aa. (Short vowel sound, examples – apple, at, ant)
  • Sing Who Let the Letters Out? There is a link to it on the Things to be Working on at Home page above.

Theme (Science/Social Studies): Apples

  • Read many non fiction books about apples
  • Create an apple anchor chart with apple facts and parts of an apple
  • Identify the parts of an apple
  • Make a paper apple with all the parts
  • Fingerprint Apples
  • Apple Stamping (ABC Pattern)


  • Students will continue to independent journal this week. We start with how to make a wow picture and come up with a list of topics to write about. Students are encouraged to draw very detailed pictures and the students who can write words will be encouraged to do so.
  • This week we will focus on writing sentences using our sight words.


  • Math Survey
  • Number Writing
  • Math Centers
  • Give Me the Next Number
  • Body Height Comparison
  • Finger Count
  • Shape Collages
  • Shapes by Feel

Things to Know:

  • Please check regularly and use the Things To Be Working On At Home page above.
  • Scholastic Book Orders are due Wednesday, September 24. You may order by going online (, directions have been given, or handing the order and check to me. Please consider ordering books from Scholastic. Not only are they cheap but all books bought earn the classrooms bonus points. With those points I am able to get resources and books for the classroom.
  • Library books are due every Friday.
  • I have a project up on a website called Donors Choose. Please consider looking at the website and donating any amount to help fund my project ( I am asking for technology that will directly benefit all the students currently in Room 104 and in the future. Also encourage your family and friends to donate.
  • Picture Day is Thursday, September 25th.
  • Snack is starting this week. Students will be eating snack during Movement time in the afternoon. You will only be asked to donate snack when a letter has been sent home. Snacks are to be healthy, free of all nut products, and enough for 26 students.
  • A letter was sent home last week asking each student to bring in one apple. Please do so this week, though we will not need them until the end of the week. You can wait to send them in until Wednesday. These apples are not for eating. This week and next week we will do many things with the apples – pattern stamping, measuring, graphing, germ experiment, and more.
  • Remember to send in shapes your child has cut out from newspapers or magazines for our collages. The students should be doing the cutting. We will be making our collages on Thursday, shapes may be sent in that day or any day prior.
  • Consider collecting Box Tops. They are on many of the everyday items that you buy. Turn them into me or by the security desk on the first floor.   Each Box Top earns money for the school.

Ms. Maltz