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June 2, 2014

Room 104 Families,

Sight Word: first, eight, nine, ten

    Previous Sight Words: I, am, like, a, can, see, the, is, here, and, to, be, my, are, have, we, on, in, look, big, little, come, go, at, run, said, it, up, you, me, one, two, three, of, his, her, for, with, will, day, four, he, she, love, from, was, they, how, many, five, what, out, down, yes, no, got, went, not, where, do, eat, because, if, this, by, all, too, some, find, as, six, but, us, would, now, any, an, did, mother, father, sister, brother, help, good, fun, them, there, bad, very, make, play, seven, home, please, that, friend, our, away, could, want, jump, after

    We do numerous activities with these words throughout the week. We will also learn sight word songs.

Letter of the Week: Review

    Previous Letters: Ll, Aa, Ff, Tt, Pp, Bb, Ss, Cc, Nn, Gg, Ee, Xx, Yy, Mm, Rr, Ww, Ii, Vv, Oo, Zz, Qq, Uu, Dd, Hh, Jj, Kk

   Morning Meeting:

  • This week students will do the dinosaur Greeting, the summer poem Activity, and for Sharing students will share something they made that they are most proud of.

    • Next week during our sharing part of morning meeting I would like each student to bring in something they made (wrote, drew, colored, built, etc) during their time in kindergarten. It can be something they did at school, home, during an after school activity…anywhere. Students should pick the thing they made that they are most proud of. Please see the sharing schedule linked above for the day your child shares.

Literacy/Literacy Centers:

  • What we will be doing at centers this week:

    • Teacher Time – National Geographic Young Explorer and word games

    • Word Work – Rainbow Words, sight word search, color by sight word, build words

    • Writing – Complete the prompt – I am excited about __________ in first grade because____.

    • Listening – Listen to Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes then students will draw their favorite part

    • Read to Self and Read to Someone – Find/identify sight words

  • Sight Word Songs

  • Read alouds


  • What’s My Rule?

  • Dinosaur Measuring

  • Dinosaur Patterns

  • St Math

  • Math Journals

  • Math Survey

Theme (Science/Social Studies): Dinosaurs

  • We will complete a KWL chart (Know, Want to Know, Learned)

  • Dinosaur Skeletons

  • Dinosaur Teeth

  • Make a dinosaur and their habitat

  • Become a paleontologist (with a cookie)


  • Dinosaur pick a prompt

  • I dreamed about a dinosaur!

  • If I were a dinosaur I would eat…

  • Baby dinosaurs

  • Today I was a paleontologist and this is what I discovered…

Things to Know:

  • Please check regularly and use the Things To Be Working On At Home link to above.

  • Seeking a new home for a goldfish and water snails! We have one goldfish and one snail that will need new homes. They are very good pets. If you would like all or some or have any questions please contact me.

  • Students will be attending the Third Grade Chicago Play on the morning of Friday, June 6.

  • The end of the year dibels assessment is complete!

  • I am looking for volunteers to help me level books. I need people to come in starting at lunch and throughout the rest of the day. It is a process I can teach you in just a few minutes and you will only need to come in for 15 to 30 minutes at a time. Any help would be greatly appreciated so please let me know if you can help.

  • The last Scholastic Book Order of the year has been placed and should be arriving shortly. Thank you to those who ordered throughout the year.

  • Library books are due every Tuesday.

  • The last day of school for the students is Friday, June 13. There will be a schoolwide picnic that day. More information will be sent home soon.

Ms. Maltz