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Room 104 Families,

Sight Word: good, fun, them, there, bad

    Previous Sight Words: I, am, like, a, can, see, the, is, here, and, to, be, my, are, have, we, on, in, look, big, little, come, go, at, run, said, it, up, you, me, one, two, three, of, his, her, for, with, will, day, four, he, she, love, from, was, they, how, many, five, what, out, down, yes, no, got, went, not, where, do, eat, because, if, this, by, all, too, some, find, as, six, but, us, would, now, any, an, did, mother, father, sister, brother, help

    We do numerous activities with these words throughout the week. We will also learn sight word songs.

Letter of the Week: Review

    Previous Letters: Ll, Aa, Ff, Tt, Pp, Bb, Ss, Cc, Nn, Gg, Ee, Xx, Yy, Mm, Rr, Ww, Ii, Vv, Oo, Zz,

    Qq, Uu, Dd, Hh, Jj, Kk

   Morning Meeting:

  • This week students will do the Action Verb Greeting, the read a sight word Activity, and for sharing students will share what they would grow in their own garden.

Literacy/Literacy Centers:

  • What we will be doing at centers this week:

    • Teacher Time – Guided Reading – National Geographic Young Explorer

    • Word Work – Rainbow Words, vowel match, sight word graphing, blend sort

    • Writing – Healthy Flowers Pick a Prompt

    • Listening – Listen to Animal Strike at the Zoo then draw their favorite part

    • Computer – Starfall

    • Read to Self and Read to Someone – Find/identify sight words

  • Syllables

  • Students will listen to read alouds and identify the main characters and at least three character traits

  • Illustrate vocabulary words

  • Sight Word Songs


  • Number Scrolls

  • Fractions – ½, ⅓, ¼

  • Fraction Pizza

  • Fraction Cookie

  • St Math

  • Math Journals

  • Math Survey

Theme (Science/Social Studies): Plants/Seeds and Asian Pacific Heritage Month

  • Read Tops and Bottoms then write a list of things that grow above and below the ground

  • Read The Surprise Garden then complete a vegetable garden pick a prompt

  • Students will make their own books about what they would grow in their gardens

  • Listen to and participate in presentations about China


  • Independent Journals – students have been given spring prompts to use if they would like

Things to Know:

  • Please check regularly and use the Things To Be Working On At Home link to above.

  • I am looking for volunteers to help me level books. I need people to come in starting at lunch and throughout the rest of the day. It is a process I can teach you in just a few minutes and you will only need to come in for 15 to 30 minutes at a time. Any help would be greatly appreciated so please let me know if you can help.

  • At this point students should be able to comfortably count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s. Practice if your child is unable to. For the students who are able to, practice counting faster and higher.

  • Also at this point students should be able to identify numbers up to 155 comfortably, many are doing way beyond that. If you child is unable to, please practice.

  • If you would like to present for Asian Pacific Heritage Month but cannot do this week, let me know and we get set up another time in May.

  • Remember to practice those sight words daily!

  • Scholastic Book Orders are due Friday, May 16th.

  • We have a field trip on May 14th.

  • Continue working with ST math/JiJi.

  • Library books are due every Tuesday.

Ms. Maltz