Newsletter for the Week of March 17

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 17, 2014

Room 104 Families,

Sight Word: not, where, do, eat

Previous Sight Words: I, am, like, a, can, see, the, is, here, and, to, be, my, are, have, we, on, in, look, big, little, come, go, at, run, said, it, up, you, me, one, two, three, of, his, her, for, with, will, day, four, he, she, love, from, was, they, how, many, five, what, out, down, yes, no, got, went

We do numerous activities with these words throughout the week. We will also learn sight word songs.

Letter of the Week: Hh

Previous Letters: Ll, Aa, Ff, Tt, Pp, Bb, Ss, Cc, Nn, Gg, Ee, Xx, Yy, Mm, Rr, Ww, Ii, Vv, Oo, Zz, Qq, Uu, Dd

Remember to have your child cut out images from the newspaper or magazines that begin with our letter of the week so we can make our letter book.

 Morning Meeting:

  • This week students will do the Dice Greeting, the Dime Poem Shared Reading Activity, and students will get a chance to share anything they want to tell the class.

Literacy/Literacy Centers:

  • What we will be doing at centers this week:

    • Teacher Time – Third Quarter Assessment

    • Word Work – Rainbow Words, Read Around the Room, Rhyming, Short Vowel Match

    • Listening – Listen to A Feast for 10 then draw a picture of a character

    • Writing -Students will pick from the topic cards and use those to help them write

    • Computer – Starfall

    • Read to Self and Read to Someone – Find/identify sight words

  • Practice writing upper and lowercase H

  • List words that begin with /h/

  • Digraph sort

  • As a group we will determine the beginning, middle, and end of various read alouds

  • Students will independently determine the beginning, middle, and end of Swimmer and complete a graphic organizer

  • St. Patrick’s Day read aloud

  • Students will write about things that make them feel lucky


  • Number Grid Game

  • 3-D Shapes

  • Coin Exchange

  • Raft Game

  • Comparison Number Stories

  • Time to the half hour

  • Math Journals

  • Math Survey

Theme (Science/Social Studies): Fish

  • Students will learn about the parts of a fish and label them

  • Students will write and draw about the habitat of a fish

  • Students will complete a fish tree map… fish – can, have, are

  • Students will compare and contrast male and female guppies


  • St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun pick a prompt

  • Write about the character, setting, problem, and solution in The Rainbow Fish

  • Write a first, then, next, last on how to take care of fish

  • Write beginning, middle, end stories on a given topic

Things to Know:

  • Please check regularly and use the Things To Be Working On At Home link to above.

  • I will be administering the Third Quarter Assessment this week – this will be one of the components that helps to inform the third quarter report card. Conference request times for third quarter report card pick up will be sent home shortly

  • Consider collecting Box Tops for Education. They are on many of the items you buy regularly. Cut them out and put them in your child’s green folder. I will hand them in from there.

  • At this point students should be able to comfortably count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s. We do this everyday, so practice if they are unable to! For the students who are able to, practice counting faster and higher.

  • Also at this point students should be able to identify numbers up to 120 comfortably, many are doing way beyond that. If you child is unable to, please practice.

  • Remember to practice those sight words daily!

  • Scholastic Book Orders are due on Friday, March 21st

  • Continue working with ST math/JiJi. The students are doing a great job. Email me with any questions.

  • Library books are due every Tuesday.

Ms. Maltz