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Dear Kindergarten Families,

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Friday the 14th. The children are encouraged to bring a valentine for each of their classmates (25). We are asking that the students only write who the valentine is from. Please do not write who the valentine is to. We look forward to celebrating our 100th Day and Valentine’s Day next Friday.


The Kindergarten Team

Also, I already have enough volunteers for our 100th Day centers. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered and we are so happy you will be helping us. If you would still like to volunteer that day but at a different time let me know. It is a full day and we could always use the help.

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Our February Family Project is very open ended. Your family will “Start with a Heart.” Students should create a heart and work with their families to make anything they wish inside that heart.

Your family might want to choose one of the following ideas or your child may think of something much more creative and meaningful to them!

Sample Ideas:

  • a heart person with arms, legs, etc…

  • a decorated valentine

  • a patterned heart

  • a heart filled with pictures of things/people they love

  • a tissue paper heart

  • a heart mobile

  • etc…

Remember to do more than just color. Find items around the house to use in the heart.

Enjoy this time with your child as you work together on “Start with a Heart!”


The Kindergarten Team

Due Date: Monday, February 17, 2014