Report Card Conference Times So Far

Monday, November 4, 2013

I have received the conference request times from the majority of the students thus far. I am still waiting on eight more. Another sheet isĀ  coming home today, please turn it in tomorrow. The schedule as of now is below. If you have not received a confirmation slip from me yet but have turned in your sheet, you will get one today. Please email me as soon as possible with any conflicts so that we can work them out. It is very important that someone attends for each student, but if that is absolutely not possible send me an email or note. I will not be able to meet with those people regarding report cards until after the 12th.

11:00 am Deaven

11:10 am Yota

11:20 am Dylan

11:30 am Ilse

11:40 am Luka

11:50 am Linda

12:00 pm Anna

12:10 pm Lauren

12:50 pm Kasey

1:00 pm Neil

2:00 pm Miles

4:00 pm Nicholas

4:10 pm Amir

5:00 pm Angelina

5:10 pm Elyse

5:20 pm Bryce