Report Card Conference Schedule

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Below is the schedule for Report Card Conferences for Tuesday, November 12th. If there is a conflict please let me know right away, through email or a note, so we can work it out. Please be on time for your scheduled conference and I will do my best to keep to the scheduled times. Remember that there is no school on Monday, November 11th in observance of Veteran’s Day and Report Card Pick Up is also a non attendance day for students.

11:00 am Deaven

11:10 am Yota

11:20 am Dylan

11:30 am Ilse

11:40 am Luka

11:50 am Linda

12:00 pm Anna

12:10 pm Lauren

12:20 pm Summer

12:30 pm Saphira

12:50 pm Kasey

1:00 pm Neil

1:10 pm Marc

2:00 pm Miles

4:00 pm Nicholas

4:10 pm Amir

4:20 pm Ryann

5:00 pm Angelina

5:10 pm Elyse

5:20 pm Bryce

5:30 pm Noah

5:40 pm HaJin

5:50 pm Tristan

If your child’s name does not appear on this list it is because we have made other arrangements.