Newsletter for the Week of September 23

Friday, September 20, 2013

Room 104 Families,

Sight Words: see, the

    Previous Sight Words: I, am, like, a, can

    We will use and write them in sentences. We will also learn sight word songs.

Letter of the Week: Aa

    Previous Letters: Ll

    Remember to have your child cut out images from the newspaper or magazines that begin with our letter of the week so we can        make our letter collage/book throughout the week.

Morning Meeting:

  • This week students will do the Rhythm Greeting, Follow the Leader Activity, and Favorite Color Sharing.

Literacy/Literacy Centers:

  • We will rotate between read to self, read to someone, and word work centers

  • Complete the predictable sentence of “I see the  _____ apple” with red, green, or yellow. Students will cut out the words and glue them in order

  • List words that begin with short /a/ that are found around the room

  • Practice writing uppercase and lowercase /a/

  • Rainbow write our sight words

  • Match uppercase and lowercase letters

  • Create simple CVC (consonant vowel consonant [cat, sit, man]) words

  • For our Journeys curriculum students will listen to a read aloud of How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? and our skills are understanding characters and infer/predict. To show they understand the characters the students will act out the emotions of the characters.

  • Listen to read alouds and participate in class discussions.

  • Practice our Who Let the Letters Out? song. It is linked on The Things to Work on at Home page above.

  • I will also  finish administering individual dibels assessment this week. Results will be sent very soon.


  • Number writing

  • Apple stamping ABC patterns

  • Matching coin game

  • Apple graphing

  • Most days math works in a center rotation. With their tables students travel to different activities. I am at one table doing the main lesson (listed above) and the other tables have other math concepts we are learning


  • Students will be continue to independent journal this week. We will use our how to make a wow picture anchor chart and our list of topics to write/draw about. This week students will continue labeling parts of their pictures. Students are encouraged to draw very detailed pictures and the students who can write words will be encouraged to do so. All students will be encouraged to draw pictures dealing with our sight words so they can use those words in sentences.

Theme (Science/Social Studies): Our theme this week is Apples

  • Learn all about the parts of an apple – we will construction an apple with construction paper and also label an apple

  • Learn how to spell apple by singing the following song to the tune of Bingo:

                           I know a fruit that grows on trees and apple is its name, oh!

                          A-P-P-L-E, A-P-P-L-E, A-P-P-L-E

                         And Apple is its name, oh!

  • Sight Word Apples – students will write our sight words on paper apples and create their own apple trees

Things to Know:

  • Please check regularly and use the Things To Be Working On At Home link to above.

  • Once we get our routines down I hope people will be able to volunteer in the classroom during our morning literacy block (until lunch/recess) and math. I will let you know when the time comes.

  • The Scholastic Book order has been placed and should be arriving shortly.

  • I am looking for one more chaperone for the apple orchard field trip. Please email me if you can attend – it will be first come, first serve. The cost for a chaperone is $6. I will get back to you either way but it may not be until late Sunday or Monday morning as I have a wedding to attend in Michigan this weekend.

  • For the field trip each student must pack a completely disposable lunch to bring with them. Also, if your child has a Ray School shirt please have them wear it that day. If not, please wear the Ray colors of green and white. The field trip is Sept. 27

  • Picture Day is Thursday, September 26th.

  • Just a reminder that I will not be attending the apple orchard field trip as I will be out of town in New York to attend a wedding. Ms. Zaragoza our ELL teacher will go in my place. She is a familiar face to the students.

Ms. Maltz