Archive for August 28th 2013

During the beginning of the year I give the students a short free time in the classroom during the afternoon. Some of the students choose to draw/color. The paper I give them is extra copies of previous activities. Therefore some of the paper is from last school year. This is NOT homework. I appreciate that families have completed the work and turned it in, but the paper is simply used for coloring/drawing on the back. Some math activities, like pattern block tracing (done Tuesday), is also done on the back extra copies. Homework will start Week 3, it will be in a clearly marked homework packet, and be sent home every Monday.

The school has purchased home/homework folders for all the students. We should be getting them Thursday or Friday of this week. That folder is to come to and from school everyday. Work done in class will be there to keep at home as well as a place for papers to be returned to school.

Please turn in your parent surveys and emergency forms as soon as possible. Lunch forms were sent to the school, but they were the wrong forms. Once the correct ones are received they will be sent home in the home folder.


We are ready to blast off into Kindergarten!


The students made their Name Rockets yesterday. They had to put each letter of their name on an individual square then glue them going down the page in order. They then had to complete, “I have _______ letters in my first name.” with the correct number. It is hard to see in the pictures, but many of the students then decorated the paper to look like outer space.