Dibels Results

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coming home in folders today are results from the last reading dibels assessment of Kindergarten. The parent report has some good information but is not very detailed, and also has no information on the math assessment that was given. I am happy to give more detailed information through email or a meeting that we set up in advance. Also, in case you have misplaced the other two reports from fall and winter, I can show you the growth that has been made. I am happy to give suggestions on things that you can do at home over the summer to continue to help your child grow and/or bring them to the next level.

In regards to Text Reading Comprehension (TRC) which is shown on the bottom of the first page, level B is considered meeting the goal for the end of kindergarten. Any letter above that is called advanced and anything below {PC (Print Concepts), RB (Reading Behaviors)} is considered needing support.

Again, please feel free to email me any questions or to set up a time to meet.