Newsletter for the Week of March 11th

Friday, March 8, 2013

Room 104 Families,
Sight Words: some, down, by
Previous Sight Words: I, like, see, the, is, little, big, a, to, we, can, be, and, look, at, my, you, are, for, am, in, on, no, it, this, said, run, do, want, play, yes, was, if, would, come, have, me, went, with, help, he, she, go, they, up, of, what, now, love, how, here, one, find, two, too, will, three, out
We are going to use and write these words in sentences.
We have been learning songs for all our sight words, ask your student to share the songs with you!
Letter of the Week: Qq
Previous Letters: Kk, Pp, Jj, Hh, Ff, Tt, Ii, Gg, Mm, Cc, Ww, Aa, Ss, Bb, Vv, Oo, Dd, Rr

Theme: Our theme this week is Fish

  • We now have a fish tank in our room with actual fish (by Tuesday) for us to look at, take care of, and study during this multi-week unit.
  • Parts of a fish.
  • Caring For Fish.
  • Fish Habitats.
  • Comparing Guppies to Goldfish.


  • Student will work in their March Journals.
  • This week our phonics lessons will focus on words that start with /q/, the letters /q/ and /u/, and short vowels in the middle of words.
  • Students will also spend this week working on the writing process while writing a narrative. They will draw a picture, do a beginning, middle, end, write their stories, edit them, and publish their final copy.


  • Fact Families.
  • How Big is a Foot?
  • Tally Marks.
  • Math Centers -Fact Families and Measurement.

Literacy/Literacy Centers:

  • Writing Center: Rainbow write the sight words and When It Is Cold Outside…
  • Art Center: Make a fish out of a paper plate.
  • Math Center: Use wikki sticks to make numbers and shapes.
  • Read Around the Room: Words that begin with /q/.
  • Listening Center: Listen to More Spaghetti, I Say! then complete a first, then, next, last on the story.
  • ABC Center: Word Families.
  • For our Journeys curriculum we will read a story called Sheep Take a Hike. Our goals this week are Cause/Effect and Questions.
  • After reading our main story for the second time, we will complete a cause and effect chart.
  • Listen to Nicky and the Rainy Day and do an activity with Cause and Effect.

Social Studies:

  • Feelings Change.
  • Goods Around the World.


  • Remember to keep checking the Things To Be Working On At Home page to the right.
  • Scholastic Book Orders are due on Wednesday, March 20th
  • Ray School Festival is on Thursday, March 21st.
  • Spring Break is March 25th – 29th.

Ms. Maltz