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Room 104 Families,
Sight Words: find, two, too
Previous Sight Words: I, like, see, the, is, little, big, a, to, we, can, be, and, look, at, my, you, are, for, am, in, on, no, it, this, said, run, do, want, play, yes, was, if, would, come, have, me, went, with, help, he, she, go, they, up, of, what, now, love, how, here, one
We are going to use and write these words in sentences.
We have been learning songs for all our sight words, ask your student to share the songs with you!
Letter of the Week: Dd
Previous Letters: Kk, Pp, Jj, Hh, Ff, Tt, Ii, Gg, Mm, Cc, Ww, Aa, Ss, Bb, Vv, Oo

Theme: Our theme this week is Dr. Seuss

  • Students will listen to Cat In the Hat, then complete a glyph based on their feelings for Dr. Seuss things
  • Students will listen to There’s a Wocket in my Pocket then make up their own page of the story.
  • Students will listen to The Foot Book then make their own foot book.
  • Students will create their own cat in the hat.


  • Student will complete work in their February Journals.
  • This week our phonics lessons will focus on words that begin with /d/, /dr/, and end with /d/.
  • My Many Colored Days.
  • A Silly Story.


  • What’s My Rule?
  • Place Value – Tens and Ones
  • Number Story – Stage 2
  • Two Digit Numbers
  • Math Centers – Tally marks and place value

Literacy/Literacy Centers:

  • Writing Center: Rainbow write the sight words and writing a letter to the cat in the hat persuading him to wear the hat they designed.
  • Art Center: Find our sight words in magazines.
  • Math Center: Adding by using unifix cubes and rolling dice.
  • Read Around the Room: Words that begin with /d/.
  • Listening Center: Listen to Miss Nelson is Missing then draw about the characters.
  • ABC Center: Sight words graphing.
  • For our Journeys curriculum we will read a story called I Love Bugs!. Our goals this week are conclusions and infer/predict. Our science lessons for the week will focus around this book and the little books during guided reading.
  • Students will complete a sort of words with the short /i/ in the middle and short /u/.

Social Studies:

  • Rosa Parks.
  • Using Resources.

Ray School Celebrates Black History Month:

  • Thursday, February 28th
  • 4:30 pm – Gallery Walk – Room 104’s bulletin board is entitled “My Dream”
  • 5:30 pm – Pot Luck
  • 6:30 pm – Poetry Slam
  • 7:30 pm – event ends


  • Remember to keep checking the Things To Be Working On At Home page to the right.
  • Wednesday, February 27th is a half-day of school, students will be dismissed at 12:15 on the south playground having both breakfast and lunch at school.
  • Scholastic Book Orders are due on Wednesday, February 27th.
  • Ms. Maltz will not be at school on Thursday, February 28th, but I have many great things planned for the day.
  • Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 2nd.
  • Wishlist – Plastic easter eggs.

Ms. Maltz