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Second quarter report cards will be sent home tomorrow in each student’s folder. Please take time to look over the report card and let me know if there is anything that needs to be talked about in more detail. I will be happy to meet.

Along with the report card recent assessments will also be attached. The first is the NWEA assessment. This is the assessment the students take on the computer in reading and math. Areas of strength in both subjects are highlighted in green and areas of possible concern are highlighted in yellow. The sheet is confusing, so please email or send a note with any question or comments.

The other assessment is dibels which has multiple components in both reading and math. I have one more student to complete in this assessment, which I plan to get done tomorrow and print the results to send home. If I am not able to complete it, the results will be sent home once all students have been assessed.

For dibels math – each assessment is one minute

  • counting
  • number identification
  • missing number (16, _, 18)
  • quantity discrimination – which number in a pair is bigger

The following reading assessments are each done in one minute:

  • letter naming
  • first sound fluency – I give the student a word and they have to tell me the first sound – moon = /m/
  • phoneme segmentation – I give the student a word and they tell me all the sounds – fan = /f/ /a/ /n/
  • nonsense word – students are to read pretend words using their phonemic awareness skills, they call read the whole word or tell the sounds, whole word is preferred

Text Reading Comprehension

  • This assesses the reading level of the student, most levels have students reading and answering comprehension questions
  • Word reading list – students read sight words in isolation

Right now, I cannot remember exactly what is on the parent report for dibels. If there is anything specific you would like to know that you do not see on the report I will be happy to share it.