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Room 104 Families,

Sight Words: he, she, go
Previous Sight Words: I, like, see, the, is, little, big, a, to, we, can, be, and, look, at, my, you, are, for, am, in, on, no, it, this, said, run, do, want, play, yes, was, if, would, come, have, me, went, with, help
We are going to use and write these words in sentences.
We have been learning songs for all our sight words, ask your student to share the songs with you!
Letter of the Week: Ss – can make two sounds /s/ and /z/
Previous Letters: Kk, Pp, Jj, Hh, Ff, Tt, Ii, Gg, Mm, Cc, Ww, Aa

Theme: Our theme this week is penguins

  • Students will learn the parts of a penguin, make the penguin, and label the penguin
  • Learn about the habitat of a penguin, how they move (we will waddle everywhere we go this day!), and what they eat
  • Read about then write about what penguins have and what they can do – we will make a tree map
  • Learn about the predators and prey of the penguin
  • For the last two activities the students will also complete a new non-fiction graphic organizer for writing called “four square”


  • Student will complete work in their January Journals.
  • I will encourage using our sight words and students writing one or two sentences to describe their picture. We are also now labeling all parts of our pictures.
  • Students are now encouraged to independently chop out and write the words. We do phonemic awareness mini lessons everyday before journaling to help and inspire the students to chop out words on their own. This week our phonics lessons will focus on /s/ blends, for example words that start with /sn/, /sk/, /sl/, and /scr/.


  • Learn more about the addition symbol
  • Follow my pattern
  • Teen Fram Game and Number line Mathematics
  • We will read a story about groundhogs and complete a groundhog prediction graph where the students will predict if the groundhog will see his shadow or not

Literacy/Literacy Centers:

  • Writing Center: Rainbow write the sight words and write the steps on how to draw a penguin.
  • Art Center: Students will create their own penguin.
  • Math Center: Top-It.
  • Read Around the Room: Find words beginning with /s/.
  • Listening Center: Students will listen to The Mitten and draw their favorite animal from the book and a write a fact about the animal.
  • ABC Center: Students will match rhyming words and draw pictures of them.
  • For our Journeys curriculum we will read a story called What Color is Nature?.  Our goals this week are visualization and author’s purpose.

Social Studies:

  • Character Education – More Feelings
  • Students will learn about community workers.


  • Remember to keep checking the Things To Be Working On At Home page to the right.
  • Scholastic Book Order are due online or to me by Jan. 28th. Any books ordered will be here in early February. Remember, this is a great way to get great and inexpensive books!
  • Second Quarter ends on Thursday, January 31st.
  • There is no school on Friday, February 1st for a teacher professional development day.

Ms. Maltz

Snowmen at Night

Snowmen at Night

At night my snowman...
At night my snowman…IMG_0116

Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams

The students compared and contrasted The Hat and The Mitten, both by Jan Brett

The students compared and contrasted The Hat and The Mitten, both by Jan Brett

The exhibited great teamwork working in cooperative groups

They exhibited great teamwork working in cooperative groups