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Room 104 Families,

Sight Words: do, want, play, yes
Previous Sight Words: I, like, see, the, is, little, big, a, to, we, can, be, and, look, at, my, you, are, for, am, in, on, no, it, this, said, run
We are going to use and write these words in sentences.
We have been learning songs for all our sight words, ask your student to share the songs with you!
Letter of the Week: Mm
Previous Letters: Kk, Pp, Jj, Hh, Ff, Tt, Ii, Gg

Theme: Our themes this week are Fabric and Hanukkah Symbols.

  • The students will make a collage out of the different types of fabric we have learned about – cotton, silk, jute, and wool.
  • Students will learn how to weave fabric.
  • We will listen to a story about the symbols of Hanukkah then color the symbols.
  • We will listen to a story about the symbols of Hanukkah then eat yummy potato latkes.
  • We have been studying symbols recently and for this week we will be studying symbols dealing with Hanukkah.  A letter was send home last week explaining this. If you do not want your child to participate in these specific activities, please let me know through an email to and other arrangements will be made.


  • Student will continue work in their December Journals.
  • More writing lines have been added for December as well as a place for students to practice writing the date. We are also doing more book responses.
  • Students will practice writing the letter /m/.
  • I will encourage using our sight words and students writing one or two sentences to describe their picture. We are also now labeling all parts of our pictures.
  • Students are now encouraged to independently chop out and write the words. We do phonemic awareness mini lessons everyday before journaling to help and inspire the students to chop out words on their own.


  • Math Centers this week will be: snowflake symmetry, playing the dreidel game, rolling a dice and counting the dots then putting that many candles on a picture of a menorah, pulling a card then putting that many cotton balls on a picture of a latke.
  • Students will start work in their number books.
  • They will make an ABC pattern necklace with fruit loops.
  • Students will roll a dice then graph how many times they got each number.
  • They will be introduced to a pan balance and the words heavy and light.

Literacy/Literacy Centers:

  • Writing Center: Rainbow write the sight words and letter /m/ phonics activities.
  • Art Center: The students will build a monster. They will roll a dice for each part that tells them how to put it together.
  • Math Center: The students will do work with tally marks.
  • Read Around the Room: Find words beginning with /m/.
  • Listening Center: Students will listen to The Gingerbread Pirates then draw a picture of the characters.
  • ABC Center: Wipe off word cards.
  • The students will create a class book completing the following sentence: Do you want to play the dreidel game? _________________ (to be filled in with yes or no)
  • For our Journeys curriculum we will read a story called What do Wheels do All Day? Our goals this week are text and graphic features and questioning.

Social Studies:

  • We will continue our study of the United States and learn about leaders.

Wish List:

  • Glue Sticks
  • Clear Packing Tape


  • Remember to keep checking the Things To Be Working On At Home page to the right.
  • Please visit the Ray University web site:
  • As the weather turns colder, please make sure that your child is mostly independent in putting on all their outside gear; zipping included. It takes away both instruction and outside play time when myself and the “helper students” each have to get numerous students dressed.
  • We will be doing a walk through of the science fair projects on Wednesday.
  • Winter Break starts on Monday, December 24th and school will resume on Thursday, January 3rd.

Ms. Maltz

On Tuesday, we will be making a fabric collage with the fabrics we have studied so far – cotton, jute, silk, and wool. If you are able, please donate old pieces (small) of these fabrics for our collage by Tuesday. They will not be returned.

Last week was very exciting! We read five different version of the gingerbread man – The Gingerbread Man, The Gingerbread Boy, The Gingerbread Baby, Gingerbread Friends, and The Gingerbread Cowboy. For the next two weeks at listening center the students will be listening to The Gingerbread Pirates. Out of all the activities we did, I think decorating the cookies was the favorite. Check it out:

Friday afternoon, we noticed that the gingerbread man cookie we had sitting by our calendar was no longer there. He left to look for us while we were at Brain Boost, but luckily he left us a note. We looked for him in the gym, with our art teacher, and finally in the office. The clue he left in the office said he was back in the classroom. After looking, we found him in the book center!