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Room 104 Families,

Sight Words: in, on, no            We will also be looking at the word “it”
Previous Sight Words: I, like, see, the, is, little, big, a, to, we, can, be, and, look, at, my, you, are, for, am
We are going to use and write these words in sentences.
We have been learning songs for all our sight words, ask your student to share the songs with you!
Letter of the Week: Ii –
it makes two sounds! We will learn about both. Students will also learn to differentiate between vowels and consonants.
Previous Letters: Kk, Pp, Jj, Hh, Ff, Tt

Theme: Our theme this week is Fabric

  • Students will feel for different fabrics in a box. The will learn words to describe fabric like: cloth, scratchy, smooth, etc.
  • Students will be given a fabric then will go on a fabric hunt in the classroom, looking for that same fabric.


  • Student will complete their November Journals.
  • Students will practice writing the letter /i/.
  • I will encourage using our sight words and students writing one sentence to describe their picture.
  • Students are now encouraged to independently chop out and write the words. We do phonemic awareness mini lessons everyday before journaling to help and inspire the students to chop out words on their own.


  • Math Centers this week will be: pulling a number then counting and grouping that number with objects, number memory with numbers 11-19, adding, matching a number to objects [just like you saw on the first quarter assessment, but harder ;)]
  • Counting into the teens.
  • Learn about the number partners that make teen numbers.
  • Estimation.
  • Number Stories – Stage 1. Students will be introduced to addition number stories. Each student will have a whiteboard and marker to work on the story problem themself.

Literacy/Literacy Centers:

  • Writing Center: Rainbow write the sight words and letter /i/ phonics activities.
  • Art Center: Students will make colorful ice cream out of paper and the sprinkles will be the letter /i/.
  • Math Center: Students will pull teen number from the deck then place that many connected links on the card.
  • Read Around the Room: Find words beginning with /i/ or /t/.
  • Listening Center: Students will listen to A Pocket Full of Kisses then draw and label the characters from story. They will also rate how they liked the story.
  • ABC Center: Students will match puzzle pieces of items to words. After finding a match, the students will write the word and draw the picture.
  • Games Center: Board games.
  • The students will create a class book completing the following sentence: It is on the ___________________.
  • For our Journeys curriculum we will read a story called Mice Squeak, We Speak. Our goal this week is understanding characters.

Social Studies:

  • This week we will be introduced to the United States as a country and learn about “The Flag We Have”.
  • Students will color in an American flag.

Computer Lab:

Wish List:

  • Glue Sticks
  • Clear Packing Tape


  • Remember to keep checking the Things To Be Working On At Home page to the right.
  • Scholastic Book Orders are due online or to me by Wednesday, November 28th.

Ms. Maltz

The students completed some Thanksgiving projects during the short week. For one, they used their handprint to make the Mayflower then wrote the one thing they would bring with them on the Mayflower.

On Wednesday, the students picked four things they were thankful for and wrote them on “turkey feathers.” Some things the students were thankful for, were: teachers, family, friends, video games, iPads, toys, baby brothers and sisters, food, and clothes to name a few.