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Room 104 Families,

Sight Words: a, to, we
Previous Sight Words: I, like, see, the, is, little, big
We are going to use and write these words in sentences.
We have been learning songs for all our sight words, ask your student to share the songs with you!
Letter of the Week: Jj
Previous Letters: Kk, Pp

Theme: We are continuing our pumpkin theme this week.

  • Sink or Float? We will discuss if certain objects (apple, pumpkin, classroom materials) will sink or float in water. We will vote then test it out. Our results will be graphed.
  • The students will decorate the pumpkins they brought back from the pumpkin farm field trip. They will then be placed around the room as Fall/Halloween decorations.
  • The students will get to explore the inside of a pumpkin. Pumpkins will be cut open and they will get to touch and feel the inside. We will discuss the seeds and all the different parts.
  • PJ Party! Friday is PJ Day. Please dress your child in snuggly PJs, they may also bring a pair of slippers to wear in the classroom and a stuffed animal. For a part of the afternoon, students will get to lounge around and read, play board games, and possibly watch a short movie.


  • Student will continue in their October Journals.
  • I will encourage using our sight words and students writing one word to describe their picture.
  • It is very important that students spell words how they hear the sounds. Encourage your child to stretch out the word and write down the sounds they hear. Students often spell home as HOM, because those are the sounds you hear. This is developmental and what we are looking for.
  • Students will practice writing the letter /j/.


  • For Wednesday Math Centers the students will: Fill in the missing number 1-10, sort jellybeans, practice writing the numbers 1-10, and complete pumpkin patterns.
  • We have been doing and will continue a daily math survey. At the beginning of math each day I ask a question and we tally the responses. Then we count (by 5’s) and talk about biggest, smallest, etc.
  • Body Height Comparisons; students will review the terms longer, shorter, and the same then go around the room finding objects either taller or shorter than themselves. After drawing themselves on paper, students will draw objects taller than themselves above them and shorter than themselves next to them.
  • Finger Count Fun. Students will play games of counting the amount of fingers up on one hand, they will even get into patterns. Once we use two hands, the goal to have students start counting at “5 and some more.”
  • AAB Patterns with a Halloween theme.

Literacy/Literacy Centers:

  • The students have really gotten into the swing of centers. They are working independently and problem solving. Unfortunately, some of the students have had a hard time properly using and cleaning up the Games and ABC centers. Therefore, instead of choosing they will be told which games to play. Hopefully once we learn to respect our classroom materials more they will get to choose what to do at those centers.
  • At Writing Center, students will be be doing /j/ phonics practice and rainbow words. Rainbow words is writing the sight words using many different color crayons.
  • At Art Center, students will make jellyfish.
  • At Math Center, students will be sorting different objects.
  • For Read Around the Room, students will find words in our classroom and in books that start with the letter /j/ and write them down. They really did an amazing job with this last week!
  • For Listening Center, students will listen to a story and draw a picture about it.
  • For reference, our literacy centers consist of listening center, writing center, art center, computer center, math center, read around the room, games, ABC center (phonics games), books center, blocks, and teacher time. Most centers change their content weekly and deal with our theme, sight words, and/or letter of the week.
  • We do many different things at Teacher Time center. One day a week the groups work on phonics and sight words with me. That day they also take a picture walk through their weekly story. We work on the weekly story for two days and on the last day we work with a social studies text or do more phonemic awareness.
  • The students will create a class book completing the following sentence: We like to ___________________ (to be filled in with something their family likes to do).
  • For our Journeys curriculum we will read a story called Please, Puppy, Please. Our goal this week is story structure.

Social Studies:

  • This week we will learn about taking responsibility.


  • Our pumpkin farm field trip is on the 22nd. Make sure to dress your child for the weather and give them a sack lunch. Our chaperones need to be at Ray at 10:15. Thanks again!
  • Please consider donating used egg cartons for our math center.
  • Please consider donating mini pumpkins to our class for our theme study and Halloween celebration.
  • Friday is PJ Day! (We studied /P/ last week and will be studying /J/ this week.) On Friday, dress your child in snuggly PJs. They may even bring slippers to wear in the classroom and can bring a stuffed animal.
  • Continue talking to your child about appropriate behaviors when playing with other children and on the playground.
  • Scholastic book orders are due to me or online on the 29th. Please see directions on this blog.
  • Ray School collects box tops. These are on many items bought regularly at the grocery store. Please cut them out of the box and send to school in your child’s red folder. I will then add them to the collection in the office.
  • Email me your child’s birthday.