Archive for October 17th 2012

Today during math centers the students made AAB patterns with Fruit Loops. They did a great job!

We also made a class book using many of the sight words we have learned so far. Right now the pages are up in the hallway for the whole school to see, but soon I will make a class book. We have made a few class books so far that the students can read when at Books Center or when we have free reading time. The students completed the sentence: The pumpkin is ___________________. They filled in the blank with big or little then drew a picture. I truly think it is some of their best work yet!

During our theme study, each student made a pumpkin then measured the height in unifix cubes. We graphed the height of the pumpkins and 6 cubes tall was the winner.

Also, not all students are aware of when their birthday is. I received a list, but not all the birthdays were on there. I would like to know their birthdays to make them feel extra special on that day. Please email me at with your child’s birthday.