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A few updates that were left out of the Newsletter:

  • There is a half day on Wednesday, Oct. 10.

CPS Track R Calendar:

  • Scholastic Book Orders will be sent home this week. Please check the page to the right called, “Scholastic Book Club Orders” for information. You may order online with the Class Activation Code: LLY6B or send in the order form and check made to Scholastic Book Clubs. Both online and paper orders are due Oct. 28.
  • Continue to check the page to the right named, “Things to work on at home.” It is optional and supplemental homework. The page will be updated throughout the year as the students continue to grow, learn, and develop.

Week of Oct. 8

Room 104 Families,

Sight Words: see, the
Previous Sight Words: I, like
*We are going to use and write these words in sentences.
Letter of the Week: Kk

Theme: We are continuing our apple theme this week.

  • We will be conducting a science experiment with apples and germs. In a clear container, we will place an eaten apple. In a different clear container, we will place an eaten apple that we have all touched with our hands. Students will draw a picture of the apples at the beginning of the week, look at it each day and discuss, then draw a picture of how the apples look at the end of the week. We will get to talk about germs, change over time, predictions, and observations.
  • Students will be using half apples to stamp an ABC pattern with the colors red, green, and yellow.
  • Apples will be placed around the room at different objects. Students will measure how long the object is in apples and write down the number.
  • We will be making apple sauce!
  • Students are going to taste test different types and colors of apples. We will graph our favorite.


  • Student will continue in their October Journals.
  • I will encourage using our sight words and students writing one word to describe their picture.
  • It is very important that students spell how they hear the sounds. Encourage your child to stretch out the word and write down the sounds they hear. Students often spell home as HOM, because those are the sounds you here. This is developmental and what we are looking for.
  • Students will practice writing the letter /k/.


  • Our Wednesday math center activities will revolve around sorting.
  • We have been doing and will continue a daily math survey. At the beginning of math each day I ask a question and we tally the responses. Then we count and talk about biggest, smallest, etc.
  • Students will be getting to know numbers 1-9 better. We will make a poster for each number, then draw and glue several groups of objects to match that number. We will also practice writing the numbers.
  • We will be sorting objects by attributes; like buttons with no holes, two holes, four holes.
  • We will experiment with volume.
  • We will make birthday and age change graphs.

Literacy Center:

  • Our centers are moving along nicely. By the end of last week students had tried each center but Read Around the Room and Listening Center which will be added this week.
  • At the Writing Center, students will be be doing /k/ phonics worksheets.
  • At the Art Center, students will be creating apple art.
  • At the Math Center, students will be completing patterns dealing with apples.
  • For Read Around the Room, students will find words in our classroom and in books that start with the letter /k/ and write them down.
  • For Listening Center, students will listen to a story and draw a picture about it.
  • For reference, our literacy centers consist of art center, writing center, listening center, computer center, math center, read around the room, games, ABC center (phonics games), books center, blocks, and teacher time. Most centers change their content weekly and deal with our theme, sight words, and/or letter of the week.
  • We will also begin our Journeys reading curriculum. We will read a story called What Makes a Family? Our goal this week is Big Ideas.


  • Picture Day is Thursday, October 11. If you would like to purchase pictures, please send the form back by Thursday.
  • Turn in field trip money and permission slip. I am looking for three more chaperones. Our field trip to the pumpkin farm is on October 22.
  • The Ray School Class Fee is $85. Please turn in as soon as possible.
  • I am looking for a family to generously donate a crock pot for Friday when we make applesauce. I need it by Thursday and will have it back to you by Monday, all clean! Email me if you can donate.
  • I am also looking for a family to peel, core, and dice a dozen apples for our applesauce. Email me if you can help.

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.


Ms. Maltz