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Room 104 Families, 

Students will start getting homework this week. The homework packet will come home on Monday and should be returned to me on Friday, this is how it will work every week. Also, please see the “Things to work on at home” page to the right, which gives suggestions for extra activities.

Sight Words: I, like.
*We are going to use and write these words in sentences.

Theme: Our theme this week is apples.

  • We are going to do many fun apple activities! We are going to learn an apple song to the tune of Bingo:

                           I know a fruit that grows on trees and apple is its name, oh!

                          A-P-P-L-E, A-P-P-L-E, A-P-P-L-E

                          And Apple is its name, oh!

  • We are also going to learn the parts of the apple, label the parts of an apple, write about the inside and outside of apples using describing words, and finger stamp apples.


  • Students are going to start their October Journals.
  • Remember, journals are kept at school and the completed ones will be given to you at report card pick up. That way you can really see the progress your child is making.
  • They will start out their October Journals by using both sight words in the following sentence: “I like _______________ apples.” They will also draw a corresponding picture.


  • We are beginning our math curriculum this week.
  • The beginning of our curriculum is number sense and number words.
    • Students will learn about longest and shortest, pattern blocks and shapes, the concept of zero, and counting backwards.
  • Students will be getting homework with math, just not every night.
  • On Wednesdays we are doing our math centers. I will introduce the students to different math games in our classroom and they will rotate through them.

Literacy Centers:

  • The students have almost mastered partner and individual reading. As we continue to master each center independently, I will add new ones to the rotation. I hope to have centers running completely and independently by the end of October. Centers is also a wonderful opportunity for parents/grandparents to come in and volunteer. If you are interested, please complete the volunteer packet.

Thank you to those who have followed my blog in order to receive updates straight to your email, please do so if you have not.

Wish List:
Our apple theme will continue for two weeks and I am looking for families to donate apples for activities we will be doing the week of 10/8. Please email me at if you can donate.

Ms. Maltz

On Thursday the students made Rectangle Trees. The trunk was a big rectangle and the leaves were smaller rectangles. For the branches, the students traced and cut out their hands. The final product looked really great!