Archive for September 25th 2012

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Room 104 has been learning a lot about colors and shapes this week. We have been learning color songs and shape poems. So far we have learned songs for red, yellow, blue, and green. Our poems have been about “Cindy Circle” and “Sammy Square.”

Today we did our first science experiment!

  • First, we filled cups with water
  • Then, I put red food coloring in one cup, yellow in another, green in the next, and finally blue.
  • We put a cup of water between the red and yellow cups and the green and blue cups.
  • Next, I rolled up paper towels and connected each colored water cup to the plain water cup.
  • We watched as the colors went up the paper towels.
  • After that, we made predictions or guesses on what colors would be in the middle cup. We predicted that red and yellow would make orange and that green and blue would make purple.
  • Finally, we watched the colors go up the paper towels some more. Unfortunately, the colors did not completely mix by the end of the day so we are going to look at them first thing tomorrow morning.

Remember, tomorrow is Pink and Purple Day!