Archive for September 23rd 2012

As the weather continues to change it is very important that the students learn to be responsible for their belongings. However, things do tend to get misplaced at school. With the students wearing more layers and jackets, it is a good idea to label those belongings. Lunch Brain Boost is supervised by Ray School staff, so I am not there to remind students to gather their belongings they may have taken off while playing. During afternoon Brain Boost the kindergarten team does our best to make sure that jackets get unzipped, tied around waists, or are picked up. The same goes for lunch bags; please label them in case they are misplaced. Things may accidentally get taken by another student or brought to a different class and not show up for a few days, just continue to check the lost and found by the lunchroom.

Also, some students have very small backpacks or no backpack at all. That makes it very difficult for them to carry their red folder, lunch bag, and other things like library bags on Wednesdays. They are to carry their own belongings and turn red folders in to me themselves. Please make sure the backpack is big enough or that the student has a bag to carry everything in. Our classroom rules are: Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Others, and Take Care of Materials; that included personal belongings. It is a kindergarten goal that student unpack and pack up independently. We work on them remembering everything they need, it helps for this concept to be reinforced in the home. Just remind them of all the things they have and need to bring home.

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