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It was so nice seeing everybody again! The students really fell back into our kindergarten routine.

Just a few reminders:
Next week we will be learning about colors and shapes. Please dress your child for the colors of the day. The following days, with coordinating colors, are below:
Monday: Red and Yellow
Tuesday: Green and Blue
Wednesday: Pink and Purple
Thursday: Orange and Brown
Friday: Rainbow
We will also be making color collages each day too. Help your child find one item for each color that they would like to add to the color collage. The items will be glued on the collages. Make sure they are items that are “disposable” when we are finished; I will not be returning the items. Some great examples are: crayons, milk caps, legos, racecars, silly bands, feathers, beads, etc.

Our class will be going to the Ray School Library every Wednesday. You may have noticed that your child came home with two bags from the library. The decorated bag with their name and a barcode holds the book your child checked out. Please return the book and bag each Wednesday so that your child can check out a new book. The clear bag with the handle holds seven books. These books are the ones that Mrs. Travis, our librarian, generously lets students borrow each week. Her goal is that one book will be read to the students a night. They will get a new bag each week once the previous one is returned.

The students have started their daily journals. They had a fun time decorating the cover and writing (drawing) what they did while school was not in session.

I will continue to send home letters asking families to donate snack. We have 24 students in our class and please make sure that the snack is peanut free and store bought.
Please empty your child’s red folder each night. This will make it easier for them to know if they have papers to turn in to me, especially when they start getting homework.

Please email me at with any questions or comments.