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During the second week of school, Room 104 will be starting our behavior plan. Each student will have green, yellow, and red cards. All students start the day on green and the goal is for all students to end the day on green. If students misbehave, i.e., talk when the teacher is talking, do not keep their hands to themselves, not follow directions they will be given a verbal warning. If the behavior continues the student will move their card to yellow. If the student continues to misbehave their card will be moved to red. If a student ends their day on red a note, email, or call will be made to the parents. Students are always given the chance to turn their behavior around and move their card back to yellow and/or green.

When students end their day on green they will get a stamp on their hand. I encourage parents to ask their students if they got a stamp that day and if not, ask why.

Here are a few pictures of some things we did last week: