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Room 104 Families, 

Students will start getting homework this week. The homework packet will come home on Monday and should be returned to me on Friday, this is how it will work every week. Also, please see the “Things to work on at home” page to the right, which gives suggestions for extra activities.

Sight Words: I, like.
*We are going to use and write these words in sentences.

Theme: Our theme this week is apples.

  • We are going to do many fun apple activities! We are going to learn an apple song to the tune of Bingo:

                           I know a fruit that grows on trees and apple is its name, oh!

                          A-P-P-L-E, A-P-P-L-E, A-P-P-L-E

                          And Apple is its name, oh!

  • We are also going to learn the parts of the apple, label the parts of an apple, write about the inside and outside of apples using describing words, and finger stamp apples.


  • Students are going to start their October Journals.
  • Remember, journals are kept at school and the completed ones will be given to you at report card pick up. That way you can really see the progress your child is making.
  • They will start out their October Journals by using both sight words in the following sentence: “I like _______________ apples.” They will also draw a corresponding picture.


  • We are beginning our math curriculum this week.
  • The beginning of our curriculum is number sense and number words.
    • Students will learn about longest and shortest, pattern blocks and shapes, the concept of zero, and counting backwards.
  • Students will be getting homework with math, just not every night.
  • On Wednesdays we are doing our math centers. I will introduce the students to different math games in our classroom and they will rotate through them.

Literacy Centers:

  • The students have almost mastered partner and individual reading. As we continue to master each center independently, I will add new ones to the rotation. I hope to have centers running completely and independently by the end of October. Centers is also a wonderful opportunity for parents/grandparents to come in and volunteer. If you are interested, please complete the volunteer packet.

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Wish List:
Our apple theme will continue for two weeks and I am looking for families to donate apples for activities we will be doing the week of 10/8. Please email me at if you can donate.

Ms. Maltz

On Thursday the students made Rectangle Trees. The trunk was a big rectangle and the leaves were smaller rectangles. For the branches, the students traced and cut out their hands. The final product looked really great!


We had a wonderful pink and purple day! We also learned about triangles today. Each student made a name pennant this morning. On a purple triangle the students wrote their names. Then, they decorated the pennant with pink shapes they cut out on their own. They turned out wonderful, check it out below:


This morning after Morning Fitness, many students went straight to the back table to check on our science experiment. Our red and yellow mixed nicely to orange. However, the blue and green seemed to mix into a darker green. We talked about how sometimes science experiments do not work out how we think they should or how they are supposed to.

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Room 104 has been learning a lot about colors and shapes this week. We have been learning color songs and shape poems. So far we have learned songs for red, yellow, blue, and green. Our poems have been about “Cindy Circle” and “Sammy Square.”

Today we did our first science experiment!

  • First, we filled cups with water
  • Then, I put red food coloring in one cup, yellow in another, green in the next, and finally blue.
  • We put a cup of water between the red and yellow cups and the green and blue cups.
  • Next, I rolled up paper towels and connected each colored water cup to the plain water cup.
  • We watched as the colors went up the paper towels.
  • After that, we made predictions or guesses on what colors would be in the middle cup. We predicted that red and yellow would make orange and that green and blue would make purple.
  • Finally, we watched the colors go up the paper towels some more. Unfortunately, the colors did not completely mix by the end of the day so we are going to look at them first thing tomorrow morning.

Remember, tomorrow is Pink and Purple Day!

As the weather continues to change it is very important that the students learn to be responsible for their belongings. However, things do tend to get misplaced at school. With the students wearing more layers and jackets, it is a good idea to label those belongings. Lunch Brain Boost is supervised by Ray School staff, so I am not there to remind students to gather their belongings they may have taken off while playing. During afternoon Brain Boost the kindergarten team does our best to make sure that jackets get unzipped, tied around waists, or are picked up. The same goes for lunch bags; please label them in case they are misplaced. Things may accidentally get taken by another student or brought to a different class and not show up for a few days, just continue to check the lost and found by the lunchroom.

Also, some students have very small backpacks or no backpack at all. That makes it very difficult for them to carry their red folder, lunch bag, and other things like library bags on Wednesdays. They are to carry their own belongings and turn red folders in to me themselves. Please make sure the backpack is big enough or that the student has a bag to carry everything in. Our classroom rules are: Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Others, and Take Care of Materials; that included personal belongings. It is a kindergarten goal that student unpack and pack up independently. We work on them remembering everything they need, it helps for this concept to be reinforced in the home. Just remind them of all the things they have and need to bring home.

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Some of you may have heard that our lunch basket was accidentally brought to another classroom this afternoon. It was returned after school! I will bring the basket out tomorrow when I pick up the students at 8:45 so that the lunch bags can go home.

The students have been doing some wonderful work. I hope you enjoyed the “fingerprint families” that came home today. The students were very creative when decorating the houses; some of them put ivy, others put bricks, doors, windows, lights, and fun house decoration. The students also completed portraits of themselves. Look below to see how amazing they turned out. Many of the students told me they were so excited to show the portraits to their families. I had to tell them that I would take pictures and put them on the blog because they were going up in the hallway outside of room 104 for everyone to see. (You will get them in a few weeks.) Sorry the second picture is blurry, I have a better one but for some reason it will load onto the blog.

It was so nice seeing everybody again! The students really fell back into our kindergarten routine.

Just a few reminders:
Next week we will be learning about colors and shapes. Please dress your child for the colors of the day. The following days, with coordinating colors, are below:
Monday: Red and Yellow
Tuesday: Green and Blue
Wednesday: Pink and Purple
Thursday: Orange and Brown
Friday: Rainbow
We will also be making color collages each day too. Help your child find one item for each color that they would like to add to the color collage. The items will be glued on the collages. Make sure they are items that are “disposable” when we are finished; I will not be returning the items. Some great examples are: crayons, milk caps, legos, racecars, silly bands, feathers, beads, etc.

Our class will be going to the Ray School Library every Wednesday. You may have noticed that your child came home with two bags from the library. The decorated bag with their name and a barcode holds the book your child checked out. Please return the book and bag each Wednesday so that your child can check out a new book. The clear bag with the handle holds seven books. These books are the ones that Mrs. Travis, our librarian, generously lets students borrow each week. Her goal is that one book will be read to the students a night. They will get a new bag each week once the previous one is returned.

The students have started their daily journals. They had a fun time decorating the cover and writing (drawing) what they did while school was not in session.

I will continue to send home letters asking families to donate snack. We have 24 students in our class and please make sure that the snack is peanut free and store bought.
Please empty your child’s red folder each night. This will make it easier for them to know if they have papers to turn in to me, especially when they start getting homework.

Please email me at with any questions or comments.

The kindergarten team has decided to postpone our shapes and colors week until next week (Sept. 24-28). Later this week I will repost an earlier post detailing shapes and colors week. For the rest of this week we will be working on more graphing, all about me, routines, and procedures. The students will also begin learning the song, “Who Let the Letters Out.” You can see the video here: My goal is that the student leading calendar for the week will also lead the rest of the class in this song. We will sing it daily and I encourage you to practice at home with your student.

I look forward to seeing all Room 104 students and families tomorrow at 8:45! Remember at 8:50, we will drop our backpacks and head to the grass for morning fitness. Families are free to join us in this.

During the second week of school, Room 104 will be starting our behavior plan. Each student will have green, yellow, and red cards. All students start the day on green and the goal is for all students to end the day on green. If students misbehave, i.e., talk when the teacher is talking, do not keep their hands to themselves, not follow directions they will be given a verbal warning. If the behavior continues the student will move their card to yellow. If the student continues to misbehave their card will be moved to red. If a student ends their day on red a note, email, or call will be made to the parents. Students are always given the chance to turn their behavior around and move their card back to yellow and/or green.

When students end their day on green they will get a stamp on their hand. I encourage parents to ask their students if they got a stamp that day and if not, ask why.

Here are a few pictures of some things we did last week:

Next week we will be learning about colors and shapes. Please dress you child for the colors of the day. The following days, with color coordinating colors, are below:

Monday: Red and Yellow

Tuesday: Green and Blue

Wednesday: Pink and Purple

Thursday: Orange and Brown

Friday: Rainbow

We will also be making color collages each day too. Help your child to find one item for each color that they would like to add to the color collage. The items will be glued on the collages. Make sure they are items that are “disposable” when we are finished; I will not be returning the items. Some great examples are: crayons, milk caps, legos, race cars, silly bands, feathers, beads, etc.

Happy Color Days!

I would also like to thank all the families for coming in for Curriculum Night last night. If you have any more questions please email me at or send a note in your child’s home folder. Some families have already let me know that they would like to go paperless in regards to newsletters and I really appreciate it; please let me know if you would like to also.

Have an amazing weekend!

We had  great time in kindergarten today. We got off to a start with morning fitness in the classroom. We did jumping jacks, toe touches, and arm circles just to name a few.

One of the activities we did today was count how many letters were in our names. Room 104 has a lot of students with 6 letters in their names. We also made name rockets and decorated them to make sure they could blast off! Each student wrote their name and then filled in the following sentence: I have __________ letters in my first name. Room 104 did a great job.

We also put all of our names on the word wall. 9 of our 24 students have a name that starts with J! We couldn’t believe how many J names there were.

I hope to see everyone tomorrow night for Curriculum Night. It is from 6:00-7:30.

Ms. Maltz


I really enjoyed meeting so many of the Room 104 families on Friday for our Meet Greet and Find Your Seat. I can tell that we are going to have a great year in Kindergarten and that the students seem ready to get going.

A few things to keep in mind:

– School starts at 8:45 and ends at 3:45. I will pick up the class every morning on the South Playground at 8:45 and drop them off at the same place at 3:45. I will wait outside for 5-10 minutes then will be bringing any children not picked up to the office. If you are in need of after school care, stop by the office and talk with them to sign up. After School goes everyday from 3:45 to 6:00, and students need to be registered in advance.

– Ray School will be holding Curriculum Night on Thursday, September 6th from 6:00-7:30. At that time you will all receive a packet with more information about kindergarten and what your children will be studying this year. It will also go into detail about birthday celebrations, volunteering in the classroom, snack, and field trips.

– A Kindergarten Questionnaire will be going home on Tuesday that will help me get to know your child better through your eyes. In there I am going to ask about any dietary restrictions or allergies your child may have. That will help us all when it comes to snack. I would like to thank the volunteers who will graciously be donating snack to the students this week. Please remember to make it something simple that the children will be able to eat while out at Brain Boost (recess). I do have a mini refrigerator in the room in case any of the snacks require refrigeration. At the beginning of each week I will be sending home a note to a few families asking them to donate snack for the next week.

– Please remember to dress your child for the weather. While we are among the lucky ones to have air conditioning in the classroom, the students do  go outside twice a day for Brain Boost.

– Full cost of lunch is $2.35/day this year, with the reduced cost is staying at $0.40. Please send money with your child in a clearly marked envelope everyday they are buying, or if you know you are buying for the whole week you can send that all on Mondays. I find the easiest way to send lunch money with your child is to put the money in a little bag or envelope then place it in their home folder (the red folder that will be traveling back and forth with your child everyday). Children may also bring a lunch from home.

– The best way to contact me is to email me at or send a note in your child’s home folder.

– Before every week starts I will post the weekly newsletter to this site. The newsletter will let you know what Room 104 will be studying during the upcoming week. During the beginning of the year I will also send home a paper copy of the newsletter. My hope is that eventually I will be sending less paper copies home and that families will be checking the site on a regular basis. If you know now that you will be checking the site every week and will not need a paper copy of the newsletter, please email me.

Week One:

– We will be practicing routines and procedures this week.

– Your child will listen to stories like Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten and The Kissing Hand and will be doing follow up activities.

– We will be figuring out how many letters are in our names and graphing that, graphing eye color, and the amount of boys and girls in the class.

– I will lead calendar this week and teach the students so that a different student could lead calendar each week.

– The students will be learning a song called I Am Special.

– Students will be writing about and drawing things they can do that begin with the first letter of their names.

– Students will get to write about and draw things they like to do.

We are going to have a very exciting first week, but realize that it will be an adjustment. Feel free to email me with any comments, concerns, or questions.

Have a great Labor Day!